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The efficient software for automatic filing of documents

Scan directly into the client file! With Docuflair's scanning software for notaries, lawyers and legal departments, you can easily digitize documents in just one step. Find your file with an incremental search for file abbreviations and persons directly on the multifunction device. Popular law firm software solutions such as Advokat, jurXpert, notarXpert and Paragraph are supported by Docuflair.

Your advantages when using Docuflair Law:

 Time and cost savings
  Reduction of working steps
  Avoidance of work errors
  Simple and fast operation of the multifunction devices
  Location-independent work with mobile devices
  Data safety

Functions - How Docuflair supports you:

  Seamless integration of Advokat, jurXpert, notarXpert or Paragraph
  Incremental search for files and persons directly on the display from the device
 PDF and PDF/A with OCR for searchable documents
  Efficient batch-based scanning with QR codes and automatic assignment
  Quality and safety control through scan preview directly on the device
  Encryption, password protection and digital signature for optimal data security
  Fast input of file names by configurable keyboard text modules
  Imprinting watermarks (QR codes, text) for identification purposes
  Mobile working with apps for Android and iOS

Scan your documents ...

... to Client Files
(Advokat, jurXpert, notarXpert or Paragraph)
... to Contacts
(integrated address book)
... for long-term archiving
(automatic recognition of document types)
... using QR-Codes
(stored scan target)
... safe and controlled
(scan preview directly on the device)

Scan directly into the file or to people

Select the desired destination directly on the device and scan the document.
At the push of a button, the documents you scan are appropriately labeled in the desired file of your law firm software.

Fast scanning with QR codes

Use QR codes to assign documents quickly and automatically.
Generate QR codes for your desired scan targets. Add them to the beginning of each of your documents. Scan multiple documents in a batch as a whole. The individual documents are automatically separated and matched based on the QR codes.

Guaranteed scan

A scan preview on the multifunction device enables seamless and secure transmission.
After performing a scan, you will get a preview of the scanned documents directly on the device. Check the quality and completeness of the displayed documents. Only by manual release the scanned documents are transferred to the desired destination.

Scanning for long-term archiving

Archive your old client files and digitize them automatically.
Define recognition features for forms and scan the client files to be archived. Information is automatically read and used for keywording.
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