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Digitization software

Digitize anytime, anywhere, any document

Start saving time & costs now and let Docuflair process your documents in the background. You get a fully automated software solution to efficiently capture, optimize, analyze, transform and distribute your documents in high quality and always under your control. Whether SME or large corporation, Docuflair meets security standards, is scalable and adapts individually to your needs.

Your challenge as a modern entrepreneur

In almost every company, important employee time is lost every day in the digitization and distribution of documents, which is ultimately missing to achieve the company's goals. In particular, document-based business processes are among those critical areas that require a lot of administrative, time-consuming activities and are at the same time very error-prone. These include manual steps such as the correct capture and disassembly, conversion and indexing, as well as the subsequent filing, copying or sending of documents. The simple processing of just one document can sometimes take up many precious minutes.

This is why you will love Docuflair

Manual processing of individual documents is history with the use of Docuflair. From now on, your company works innovatively, namely document batch-based and uses intelligent computer-controlled decision-making processes. After capturing your documents, Docuflair will take care of all the previously manual steps for you, fully automatically. You relieve your employees, avoid errors, save money and reduce many unnecessary hours to a few sensibly invested minutes of work.

Recognizes and distributes your documents

Use cases for Docuflair

Digitizing large volumes of paper documents
Image enhancements of scanned documents
Removal of unwanted blank pages
Creation of searchable documents (OCR)
Imprint of additional meta content like stamp
Intelligent event-based naming of files
Efficient data storage through advanced compression algorithms
Service for converting between various file formats
Recognition of QR code, barcode, text and forms
Analysis and extraction of important content and creation of additional metadata
Generation of PDF/A documents suitable for long-term archiving
Preservation of sensitive data through latest encryption standards
Ensuring tamper-resistance through simple and qualified digital signature
Redaction of personal or other sensitive content (DSGVO)
Seamless integration of high-performance scanner, multifunction printer and mobile devices into the corporate network
Flow ist Hardware-unabhängig
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