Docuflair 3.0 Print

Software for printing

The modern way to print various documents

To make printing both faster and safer for you, the innovative software solution Docuflair 3.0 Print offers you the possibility to integrate your multi-functional printers seamlessly into your company network. Without having to install a suitable printer driver, you can easily print a wide variety of file formats. Let your guests send documents to your multi-functional printers from any end device or keep control of the people authorized to print. Automatically log all executed print jobs and always keep a detailed overview of different users, devices and cost centers.

Your challenges when printing documents

Different file formats
Many multi-functional devices support only a very limited number of file formats that can be sent to the printer for printing. Often a document cannot be printed at all or only via the cumbersome detour of file conversion to PDF.

Print on demand
Documents cannot be stored on a multifunction device that can be printed on demand. It is therefore necessary to have a computer from which a print job is sent to the printer.

Printing from data media
The multi-functional printer cannot print the desired document because your USB storage device is not recognized, the device does not have a suitable port for your memory card, or the file formats cannot be read or processed.

Cost control and reporting
Which user has how many documents printed on which devices. Which department or cost center has the most print jobs. Keep the overview through evaluations and recognize bottlenecks early.

Printing from mobile devices
A missing printer driver, a mobile device or a device outside the printer network already means that the printing functionality of the multifunction device can no longer be used.

Printing of own documents
Although it is possible to log on to the multifunction device, the respective user cannot access his documents. Again, the respective person must log on to the computer.

Authentication and individualization
Not everyone should be able to use the printing capabilities of your multifunction printer. Only after entering valid access data or identification with an ID card should individual functions be enabled for the user who is logged in.

Credit management
Top up, debit and manage credit in order to be able to pass on costs directly.

is optimized for the following device manufacturers

Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)

Epson Open Platform (EOP)

Kyocera Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions (HyPas)