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The efficient software for the high-qualityscanning of documents

Direct scanning! With the innovative Docuflair Scan software, you transfer your documents from the device directly to your desired destination. You save work steps and a lot of time, by quickly browsing your directories at the scanner or selecting predefined contacts from the address book. A preview of the scan directly at the multi-function printer ensures high quality and safe transmission of the documents.

The benefits to you when you use Docuflair Scan:

 Saving time and money
  Increasing productivity
  Reducing number of work steps
  Highest quality with low memory requirement
  Customizable to fit your needs
  Simple and quick operation
  Extensive control directly at the device

Functions - how Docuflair assists you:

  Create or synchronise any number of scanning destinations as contacts in address books (LDAP)
  Cutting-edge compression methods enable smaller file sizes for your documents
 Quick browsing of predefined storage locations directly at the multifunction device
Multi-step scan enabling with comprehensive options for manual adjustments
  Efficient stack-based scanning with QR codes and automatic mapping
  Simple document designation with via freely definable text modules and placeholders
  Blank page detection that can be configured and extensive automated image enhancements

Scan your documents ...

... at predefined storage locations
(local media, network,Cloud, FTP, etc.)
... to contacts
(email address, fax numberor storage location)
... to groups
(Combine several contacts)
... by means of QR codes
(stored scan destination)
... safely and in a controlled manner
(Scan preview directly at the device)

Scanning to contacts and groups

Browse address books and send your documents directly to your colleagues and clients.
Create different address books for your colleagues and/or clients. Compile scanning destinations (email address, fax number, or storage location) in address books or synchronise contacts via LDAP. You can group several contacts and choose them as your favourites.

Scan to the desired storage locations

Save time and scan your documents directly to the desired storage locations.
Create links to frequently used folders at the multifunction device.

Quick scanning with QR codes

Use QR codes to designate documents quickly and automatedly.
Generate QR codes for your desired scanning destinations. Add these at the start of your documents in each case. Scan several documents as a batch. The individual documents are automatically split up by means of the QR code and designated appropriately.

Guaranteed scan

A scan preview at the multifunction device facilitates complete and safe transmission.
After the scanning procedure has been carried out, you receive a preview of the scanned documents directly at the device. Check the quality and completeness of the documents displayed. The scanned documents are only transmitted to the desired destination when manually approved.
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