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Innovative options for speedy document printing

Printing is that simple! Docuflair Print is a modern software which enables you to safely connect your multifunction printer to your company network at the touch of a button.You’ll be able to meet any printing challenge with this customizablesoftware solution. Its intuitive operation helps you to reduce the number of work steps to save time and costs.

The benefits to you when you use Docuflair Print:

 Saving time and money
  Increasing productivity
  Reducing number of work steps
  Important documents available directly at the printer
  Customizable to fit your requirements
  Simple and quick operation

Functions – how Docuflair assists you:

  Documents can be collected from any printer
  Printing without a printer driver via email, smartphone and tablet
 Browsing storage locations directly from the device (network, Office 365, etc.)
 Important documents are available for printing at all times
  Printer settings can be individually customized (colour, final processing, etc.)
  Print preview and costs displayed at the multifunction printer
  Easy sharing of documents between persons
  Supports more than 100 different data formats

Print your documents ...

... from mobile terminal devices (Smartphones, Tablets, etc.)
... from predefined storage locations (network, Cloud, etc.)
... via email
(use of secure PIN codes)
... depending on requirements and needs (important documents are available at the printer at all times)
... from a data carrier
(USB stick, SD card, external HDD)

Printing via email, smartphone and tablet

Print anytime, from anywhere.
Send the documents toa predefined email address.
A PIN code is sent to your email address.
You collect the print job from a printer using this PIN code.

Printing from any storage location

Save time and access documents and folders directly at the printer.
Create links to frequently used folders at the printer.

Printing from external memory devices

More than 100 data formats are directly supported.
Use your external data carriers (USB stick, SD card, external HDD) directly at the multifunction device. Print the desired documents without additional software.
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