Docuflair® | Access Control

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The optimal protection for your devices

Your infrastructure is secure! Docuflair Access Control is asecurity extension that only allows authorized persons to access the functions of your devices. Finely-tuned, functions can be enabled individually depending on the device, user group and user. Login with card, PIN code, or password enables secure printing and scanning. In line with data protection requirements, documents only end up in the hands of the right individuals.

The benefits of using Docuflair Access Control:

 Better security with regard to sensitive documents andoptimum protection of your infrastructure
  Access for authorized persons only and only after successful login
  Simple user login with smartphone, card, PIN code, or password
  User documents available independent of location and device
  Reducing paper and toner use results in sustainable protection of the environment
  Cost savings due to avoiding unnecessary printing

Functions - How Docuflair assists you:

  Secure pull printing: Picking up documents from any devices
  Individually restricted access to devices depending on the individual and involvement
 Synchronizing users and groups via active directory and databases
  Simple registration of new users via the online portal possible
  Independent self-registration by card directly at the multifunction device
  Automatic deletion of open jobs after logout from the machine

Schützen Sie Ihre Dokumente ...

... using a card
(optionally also with PUK code)
... with a PIN code
(optionally also with PUK code)
... with a username and
... using a
self-registration with card
... via
mobile applications

Secure pull printing

Secure printing of your documents only after successful user login.
Send the documents to the multifunctional printer.
Log in to the device with card, PIN code, or password.
Arrange for documents to be printed out automatically or select them from your print list.

Device functions available depending on authorization

The locked multifunction device is only enabled after login.
Device is locked and waiting for login.
Login with card, PIN code, or password at the multifunction device.
Depending on device, group, and user, the respective functions are now available.

Self-registration with card at the device

Register your new card yourself at the device.
Employee receives a new card.
Carry out selfregistration of unknown card now?
Login with PIN code or username and password required.
After successful login, the card is linked to the user account.
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