Docuflair 3.0 Scan

Software for scanning

The much more efficient way to scan your documents

Seamless integration of your multi-functional devices through the Docuflair 3.0 Scan digitalisation solution allows you to scan documents directly to your desired destination without any detours. Scan based on document batches, reducing time-consuming, error-prone work steps and saving significant time. You can also benefit from extensive image enhancement and data compression options and have your documents analyzed and automatically named for you.

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Your document scanning challenges

Central Scan Folders
First, each employee scans into a temporary shared folder. Then the document is moved to the correct storage destination. Storage locations. Storage locations

Restricted address book
The one from the multi-functional device provided address book allows only a limited number of contacts and does not provide incremental search. Multiple address books or synchronization via Active Directory is often not supported at all. Address books

Large documents
Missing or poor compression quickly leads to huge document sizes. In addition to increased memory requirements, it is often no longer possible to send documents as attachments to an e-mail. Compression, Email dispatch

Poor picture quality
There is no image enhancement of scanned documents. Black edges, perforations or other impurities as well as displaced pages remain as they are. Image enhancements

Missing file formats
Most multi-functional devices offer the possibility to write JPEG, TIFF and PDF file formats. However, different PDF versions, encryption, digital signature or the creation of metadata is not supported. Individual file formats

Documents disappear
Interference from the MFP or network transmission may cause documents that have already been scanned to disappear. All too often this error is only noticed later and causes additional work. Guaranteed scan


Recurring scan targets are stored in the form of contacts. This corresponds to the Destination of either an E-mail address, a fax number or a storage location. Optionally, you can specify a contact additional secondary destination. Pre-definable scan settings and a default file name can be stored for each contact will be. Contacts are created manually, imported from a text file, or imported via a directory service such as Active Directory synchronized. Multiple contacts can be combined into a common group. On the multi-functional device can be connected directly to a Contact can be scanned.

Contextual collections of contacts and groups are called address books. So can be differentiated between an address book for employees and customers, for example. However, it is also possible to use contacts and Add groups to several different address books. On the multi-functional device, you can easily search within an address book for contacts are sought. Multiple contacts can be selected as scan targets at the same time. Important contacts of an address book can be defined as favorites. More about this here.

Contacts and address books

Storage locations

A storage location is a searchable directory destination where scanned documents can be stored. Default scan settings and file names can be specified for each of these destinations. There can be any number of storage locations from the following specifications:

  • Local storage media (on the Docuflair Server)
  • Network drives
  • Nextcloud
  • WebDAV
  • Office 365 (SharePoint, OneDrive, others)

Through the simple development of extension modules, any other ERP, CRM and DMS systems can be integrated on request.

QR code quickscan

In many areas, it must be ensured that documents are 100 percent successful were transmitted to the server. For this requirement Docuflair offers the possibility of guaranteed scanning. After a document has been scanned and completely, successfully transferred, a scan preview is displayed to the user on the multi-functional device. If all pages and if the quality is satisfactory, the document may be released for delivery or, where appropriate be discarded. Only then is the scanning process complete.

Guaranteed scan

This scanning method is the fastest and easiest way to send documents to predefined contacts can be scanned. For this purpose, special QR codes must be created in advance for each contact via the Docuflair Manager in the form of separator sheets or adhesive labels are printed. If a document is scanned, the separator sheet must be placed before the first page or in the case of adhesive labels, be stuck to the first page. If a whole batch of documents is to be scanned at once, simply several QR Codes are used. Docuflair will then extract the individual documents at the appropriate locations and find the appropriate Deliver contact targets.

is optimized for the following device manufacturers

Xerox Extensible Interface Platform (EIP)

Epson Open Platform (EOP)

Kyocera Hybrid Platform for Advanced Solutions (HyPas)